Latest news: Finca El Gallinero is now Outback Spain. Go there now - enjoy your visit!

Toad moving in!The household now includes a lizard and three toads, who have taken up residence in the porch. The lizard catches flies, and even better, wasps, from her window ledge. The toads started moving in two years ago, as soon as the porch was built. One of them was already hibernating near the house before that, and was pleased when we made a small plunge pool for the summer, and then included it in the porch. The other two toads joined her this year: by their large size, weighing more than 200 grammes and just about fitting in the palm of a hand, they are all females. They eat the ants in the porch.

Culebra on the doorstepThere are often snakes, venemous only to the mice and other small animals they prey on, around the house. They were here before we moved in, and they're welcome to stay!


RablargoThere is a blue magpie around, who we fed for a while after he had been abandoned in the nest, possibly because of attack by fox. He has brought a gang of pals around the place. Their beautiful colours, playful flight and cheerful calls are great to have so close to the house.